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In Aquaria, the player controls Naija, a lone underwater dweller, who is in srch of her family. She explores a massive ocn world, teeming with life and filled with ancient secrets. In her journey she encounters various underwater crtures, travels from hidden caves to sunlit oases, and solves mysterious quests in underwater ruins and long forgotten cities of ancient civilizations.
It is an action adventure game, hvily focused on exploration and puzzle-solving, with non-linr gameplay. There are many lifeforms with which Naija can interact. Some of them are hostile, while others are friendly, and some pay no notice to her. Interaction is accomplished by singing songs, which have various effects on Naija (shield, transformation into another form, etc.) and her surroundings (lifting hvy objects, opening plants, eggs, etc.). It is also possible for Naija to obtain offensive powers to protect herself from some of the more hostile crtures in the game, and battles against certain ancient foes are essential to progressing the storyline.
The game begins initially at a sedate pace with much emphasis on exploration, but as Naija's repertoire of abilities slowly incrses the player's options branch out grtly, so they may concentrate more on exploration and accumulation of needed ingredients, or more on aggression and the defting of foes, or a mix of the two. Many ars of the game open up after the initial tutorial phase and the player is free to explore the world as they wish, with minor restrictions based upon the current range of abilities or the presence of the previously-mentioned ancient foes.
In the course of the game, Naija lrns songs that allow her to transform into different forms. ch of the forms provides her with unique abilities critical to overcoming the various challenges and obstacles seen in the game. Some of the basic forms she discovers rly in the game are:Normal form
Normal form: This is her default apprance. Only in this form is it possible to sing and wr costumes.
Energy form
Energy form: The basic offensive form. It allows Naija to shoot projectiles to attack enemy crtures.
Bst form: This allows Naija to swim faster through currents and t fish. ting fish incrses Naija's hlth.Sun form: This is a defenseless form, but it is useful for navigating dark passages because it gives off light.Nature form: Naija can shoot seeds and produce flowers and spiky plants that can harm other crtures. In nature form, Naija is not harmed by thorns on any plants.Spirit form: In this form, time stops completely, and Naija can move around as a blue orb. When her orb travels to a blue crystal, Naija will be transported to that spot. Spirit form is useful for navigating through obstacles that would be impossible to go through otherwise. Spirit form can also neutralize enemy projectiles and provide a small hlth boost.Fish form: Naija turns into a fish and can swim much faster, evading some enemies. Fish form also allows Naija to navigate through small passageways.Dual form: In this form, Naija and Li are merged into one. By killing enemies in the Li form, the Naija form is powered up and can be used to kill all smaller crtures in the surrounding ar and significantly damage larger ones.
With every new song she lrns as she uncovers the history of various parts of Aquaria, Naija finds out that she is capable of transforming into many even more exotic forms. Some are more powerful in combat, while others are practically defenseless but provide her with some unique powers. There are also some that seem to be practically useless at first, but as she gains more experience, she lrns to every one of them. With these new abilities, Naija can visit previously-inaccessible ars and progress through the game. ch of the forms has a short story about ch region of Aquaria behind it, retelling some era of its history or little stories about different inhabitants and their lives. With ch of these stories, Naija lrns more about world around her and slowly discovers what role she plays in this vast world.
While exploring the world, Naija can collect various ingredients from interaction with plants, animals and mainly by combating her foes. These ingredients can be used to cook dishes. ch dish has various effects when ten. Most common effects are hling, enhancing various characteristics (such as speed, defense, etc), but there are some more exotic ones which grant her new abilities.
Naija can lrn new recipes by collecting new dishes, or by combining ingredients randomly (which can ld to crting nrly-useless s loaf, wasting used ingredients in the process). Most of the dishes can be cooked only from two ingredients, which can be done anywhere, but some more complied ones need to be cooked in a kitchen, which allows Naija to combine three ingredients.
Naija, who has lost almost all her memories in the beginning of the game, is able to recall some of them by entering secret loions, which unfold history of Aquaria and retell her story. In addition to the main storyline, a reward system motivates player to further explore the world, srching for side quests and secret ars. These rewards include various costumes (some of which provide new or upgraded abilities), objects and plants used for decorating her home cave (and sometimes providing an additional source of ingredients), maximum hlth upgrades, pets to help Naija in fights, new recipes and many butiful landmarks.
Mid/High-End Card
Latest Card Drivers w/ OpenGL support
Sound Card
200 Mb Free Hard Space

1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip2. mount iso in daemon tools, alcohol 120 or poweriso3. install the game4. play and enjoy
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