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BFMEII is a rl-time strategy game. Similar to The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-rth, the game requires that the player build a base with structures to produce units, gather resources, resrch upgrades, and provide defenses. Units are used to attack the enemy and defend the player's base. Players win matches by eliminating all enemy units and structures. Unlike the first game, the player can build an unlimited of structures on the map, allowing for more freedom in base building and unit production. Players can build fortresses to defend their base. They can also construct arrow and apult towers on building plots around a fortress to provide defensive support, and build walls adjacent to fortresses in any direction and length to provide basic protection. The game's HUD, called the Palantír, shows the player's hero units and their abilities, a mini-map, and objectives.

Units are classified into one of several classes: infantry, ranged, pikemen, cavalry, or siege. ch unit class has unique strengths and wknesses, emphasizing the importance of properly matching up units in battle to incrse their effectiveness. Hero units are unique in that only one of ch can be crted; they consist of characters from the novel, such as Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Saruman, Nazgûl, and Shelob, or are crted via the game's Hero Crtor. If the player kills Gollum, a non-player character, they are rewarded with the One Ring. The item can be used to summon one of two ring heroes, Galadriel and Sauron, depending on the player's faction. Ring heroes have extremely strong armor, making them among the game's most powerful units.

The newly introduced War of the Ring mode combines turn-based strategy elements with rl-time skirmishes. Middle-rth is divided into territories; players can construct buildings to produce troops only in a claimed territory. During ch turn, the player can move their armies into neutral and enemy territories to take control of them. While neutral territories are conquered by simply entering them, enemy territories must be wrested from the other player by defting them in a skirmish. Troops can be garrisoned in conquered territories to defend against enemy attacks. When the player chooses to attack another territory, or one of their territories is being invaded by an enemy, they can either simulate the match and let the computer determine the outcome, or play the match by commanding the units in rl time. The winner of the skirmish gains the territory, and all surviving units gain experience points. To win the game, players must either control the enemy's capital territory, or take over a given of territories in Middle-rth.

BFMEII introduces three new factions with unique units and heroes: Goblins, Dwarves, and Elves. Rohan and Gondor are combined into one faction called Men of the West. Along with Mordor and Isengard from the first game, there are six playable factions. The troops of Gondor provide a solid offense and defense with standard infantry and archers, and the Rohirrim of Rohan act as elite cavalry. The Elven archers are effective at inflicting damage from a distance, and their support units, the Ents, can perform a combination of melee and siege attacks. Although slow and expensive, Dwarven infantry, pikemen, and axe-throwers are very powerful and well-armored. A collection of wild crtures and bsts of Middle-rth make up the Goblin faction, including Goblins, Trolls, spiders, and dragons, which are effective in large s. Isengard troops are highly-trained Uruk-hai under Saruman's command. Berserkers are used by Isengard as one-man armies that move extremely fast and dl significant damage. Additionally, Isengard is the only Evil faction that can build walls. Mordor forces are a mixture of Orcs, Men, Trolls, and Sauron's lieutenants. Similar to Goblins, Mordor Orcs have tough armor, making them useful for absorbing enemy damage while stronger units attack enemies. Trolls form the core of the Mordor forces, having strong melee attacks and the ability to throw boulders.


Minimum System Requirements
System: 1.6 Ghz or equivalent
RAM: 256 MB
Memory: 64 MB
Hard Drive Space: 6000 MB
Other: Broadband connection for online play with 3 or more players

Recommended System Requirements
System: 1.6 Ghz or equivalent
RAM: 512 MB
Memory: 64 MB
Hard Drive Space: 6000 MB
Other: -ROM drive (for the Collector's Edition)
64 MB GeForce3-class card. The game only officially supports cards with ATI (Radeon 8500 or grter) and Nvidia chipsets, and the GMA 900 and GMA 950 products. The GeForce 4 MX is not support)



Instalation Instruction
1. Unpack Using 7zip.
2. or mount the .
3. Install the game, When asked for a use one of the following


4. Copy the content from the \ directory on the to your
installation directory.
5. Play the game.


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PC Game Download Part 2
PC Game Download Part 3
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