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The story takes place probably in the rly 21st century when the United States and the Europn Union (as seen in Battlefield 2 Euro Force) go to war with the Peoples Republic of China while at the same time in a conflict with a coalition of anti-American Middle stern countries called the Middle stern Coalition. It is presumed that the United States is invading China (since most of the missions against the PLA are in China), Iran and Oman (since most of the missions against the MEC is in the Persian Gulf and Oman).
Battlefield 2 is essentially a multiplayer game played via the Internet or a Local ar network. A single-player mode with three difficulty levels is included. Both player modes use the same maps and use Battlefield's conquest game mode. Single-player mode allows 16 computer controlled players,[7] while Internet mode allows up to 64 players. Players can choose to play 3 factions, the United States Marine Corps, the People's Liberation Army, or the "Middle stern Coalition". Additional factions are playable through the expansion packs, such as the Europn Union. Progress in the game is made via promotions which allow additional wpons to be unlocked. By playing the game on ranked servers, players are able to add to their global player statistics. These statistics are used to award promotions and other achievements.
A console branded version also exists for the Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS2, named Battlefield 2: Modern Combat. Although they both share the same name and setting, they differ considerably in execution, content, and gameplay.
In Battlefield 2, players are divided into two opposing sides (which armies they represent is dependent upon the map). There are two concepts in Battlefield 2: tickets and control points. Tickets represent an army's ability to reinforce their position on the battlefield; ch tm has only a limited supply of tickets, and ch casualty on the battlefield reduces the of available tickets. Control points represent points on the map, and are represented by flags. Control points are Battlefield 2's spawn points, and one side possessing a significant majority of the control points puts pressure on the opposing side, resulting in a stdy loss of tickets for the pressured side, regardless of casualties. A round ends when one tm's tickets fall to zero, the round's timer ends, or if at any point a side holds no control points, and has no soldiers alive on the battlefield (mning the side no longer has any effective presence on the battlefield).
Battlefield 2's two game modes are Conquest and Cooperative. The only difference between the two modes is that Cooperative includes computer controlled players, whilst Conquest allows only human players. Results from Cooperative mode do not count toward global player statistics.
Battlefield 2142 Minimum System Requirements* 1.7 Ghz CPU* 512 MB RAM* 128 MB card supporting 1.4 shaders (ATI Radeon 8500 / NVIDIA FX 5700 or above)* XP Operating System (does not work on 2000/Me)
Battlefield 2142 Recommended System Requirements
* 2.66 Ghz CPU* 1024 MB RAM* 256 MB card supporting 1.4 shaders (ATI Radeon X700 / NVIDIA GeForce 6600GTor above) * XP Operating System (does not work on 2000/Me)
MU or 7zip is j@ck or
1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip2. mount iso in daemon tools, alcohol 120 or poweriso3. install the game4. play and enjoy
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