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The player takes the role of the first Big Daddy, a prototype for the Big Daddies seen in the original game. The character possesses superior speed and lice to other Big Daddies, as well as free will. As such, the player uses the Big Daddy's drill and rivet gun as wpons, though the drill will overht if used continuously. The rivet gun will have several types of ammo, similar to the first game. Alternatively, in contrast to other Big Daddies, the player may also use plasmids, while "upgrade trees" will provide unique ways to upgrade them. A new fture added is the ability to dual-wield plasmids and wpons at the same time. Further Big Daddy abilities found in the first game, such as performing a shoulder dash, will also be an option.
The player will also be able to step outside the city of Rapture into the ocn due to the diving suit they wr. Here the player can explore the ocn floor, recover from fights, marvel at the city from the outside and pick up special items. As seen by the demo, some of the special items include first aid kits, EVE Hypos, and special s slugs. These s slugs crte ADAM, the etic material for the production of Plasmids. One of the game's major enemies is the Big Sister, a being that resembles a Big Daddy, except smaller and much, much faster. The Big Sister apprs to be a very serious thrt to the player. When a certain of Big Daddies are killed she will attack. Unlike the Big Daddies, she is extremely quick and arguably more powerful, able to extract ADAM from her enemies through a harvesting needle, straight into her bloodstrm, which fuels "telekinetic abilities beyond anything previously thought possible".
As a "rogue" Big Daddy, players will attempt to capture the Little Sisters from other Big Daddies who roam Rapture. Once a Little Sister is caught, the player will again have the option of choosing the fate of the Little Sisters. Harvesting remains a possibility in order to gain more ADAM, but rather than rescuing the Little Sister, players will instd be allowed to adopt them. With this option, Little Sisters will ride around with the player's Big Daddy, and will look for ADAM to harvest from corpses; in a manner similar to the proving grounds ar of the first game, the player will then need to ensure that Splicers will not harm the Little Sister as the harvesting process takes place. The Splicers will not damage the Little Sister, but will delay the process of gathering the ADAM. This will prolong the time it takes for the little sister to gather ADAM, allowing more splicers to attack the player and the Little Sister. Rescuing, while not initially an option for the player, will become available at some point in the game.
Additionally the Little Sisters will also warn the player when the Big Sister is approaching. When the Big Sister is coming, there will be a countdown which gives the player an opportunity to set traps, buy items at a vending machine or place proximity mines. A sign that the Big Sister is approaching is when the Little Sister says in a singsong voice "Mr. B, Mr. B, Big Sister doesn't want you playing with me..."
Other returning ftures from the first game include audio diaries, and the ability for the player to reerate through the use of Vita-Chambers. In addition to the single-player story, multiplayer will be a fture in BioShock 2, but this will not take the form of co-operative play.

Minimum Requirements
CPU - Pentium 4 2.4GHz Single Core processorSystem RAM - 1GB Card - Direct X 9.0c compliant card with 128MB RAM (NVIDIA 6600 or better/ATI X1300 or better, excluding ATI X1550).Sound Card - 100% direct X 9.0c compatible sound cardHard disc space - 8GB free space
Recommended Requirements
CPU - Core 2 Duo processorSystem RAM - 2GB card - DX9 - Direct X 9.0c compliant card with 512MB RAM (NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT or better) / DX10 - NVIDIA GeForce 8600 or betterSound Card - Sound Blaster X-Fi series (Optimized for use with Crtive Labs X ADVANCED HD 4.0 or X ADVANCED HD 5.0 compatible sound cards)


Ignore the include in the ISO, instd use the one in the dowload link

: luffypsp

1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip
2. mount iso in daemon tools, alcohol 120 or poweriso
3. install the game
4. play and enjoy


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PC Game Download Part 2
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