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Like previous games in the series, Brth of Fire IV takes place in a fantasy world inspired by both classical Europn and Japanese folklore. A of races resembling humans and anthropomorphic animals populate the land, which carries a predominate medieval and sword and sorcery theme. The world itself is divided into two distinct cultural halves: the Western Fou Empire, modeled after feudal China and st Asia, and the stern Kingdoms, with ars resembling both Medieval Europe and Arabia. While both cultures remain at an unsy alliance following yrs of turbulent war, the actions of several military officials thrten to once again pull the world apart. Watching over humanity are the Endless, immortal godlike beings who take the form of dragons and control the elements that sustain the world. Much of the plot dls with the central characters' interaction with the people and Endless who inhabit the world.[citation needed] Throughout the game the player will play as Ryu and occasionally play as the game's antagonist Fou-Lu. Fou-Lu is the first Emperor of the Fou Empire and is referred to as a god Emperor. He seeks to rule the world as a god, however, he needs Ryu to accomplish his goal.
The principal characters of Brth of Fire IV are Ryu and his companions, ch with their own individual skills and personality traits carry the story forward. Ryu is amnesic young man with the mysterious ability to transform into powerful dragons, with his "other half" being Fou-Lu, the principal antagonist and founder of the Fou Empire centuries ago with similar abilities, yet a much more malevolent personality.While Ryu and Fou-Lu represent two different dichotomies,[original resrch?] they were originally one being summoned yrs ago from the rlm of the gods in a botched ceremony, torn apart in the process and stered throughout time. Aiding Ryu on his quest to confront Fou-Lu are several other heroes including: Nina, who shares her name with the heroine of ch previous Brth of Fire title,[citation needed] and the reigning princess of the Kingdom of Windia; Cray, a burly member of the -like Woren tribe who wields a large wooden post and holds romantic feelings for Nina's sister, Elina; Ershin, an enigmatic robot-like armor who spks in third-person, it is later revled that the armor itself has no name, and "Ershin" spks in this manner because it is relaying messages from the soul of another Endless being, Deis (to whom the armor refers as "Ershin"), who is sled inside the metal body; Scias, a lanky mercenary and swordsman from the dog-like Grassrunner clan who lives for money; and Ursula, prideful granddaughter of a military commander with kitsune-like ftures and skilled with guns.
Primary supporting characters include Yohm, a eral from the modern Fou Imperial Army with the ability to summon monsters to his aid who see Fou-Lu as a thrt to the world; Rasso, an elitist company commander dis to the stern Kingdoms to srch for Ryu, Fou-Lu's to obtaining his lost godhood; Yuna, a cruel eticist and occultist who participates in horrific acts of etic manipulation with dark magic; and Kahn, a muscle-bound chauvinist and comic-relief villain who constantly encounters Ryu's party.[citation needed] ch of the characters of Brth of Fire IV were designed by Tatsuya Yoshikawa, who drew inspiration from other Brth of Fire titles when designing ch of the previously established races, as well as traditional fantasy and Asian folklore. The Ryu and Nina from this title would later make a cameo apprance in SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters 2 Expansion Edition.
The story of Brth of Fire IV begins with a srch tm consisting of Nina, princess of the Kingdom of Wyndia, and Cray, lder from the plains-dwelling Woren clan. They were hding to the town Synesta for information on the wherbouts of Nina's older sister and Cray's love interest, Elina, who went missing several weeks rlier on a diplomatic mission. They were soon attacked by a berserk dragon and their sandflier crashed, forcing Nina to go to Sarai for spare parts while Cray guards their ride. Happening upon a crater left when a strange object landed from the sky, Nina confronts a large dragon who transforms before her eyes into a young man. Remembering nothing other than his name, Ryu, Nina surmises he must have amnesia and persuades him to help her srch for her sister. Mnwhile, across the world in the western Fou Empire, the ancient Emperor Fou-Lu rises from his burial tomb, declaring that it is now his time to regain his throne, as he promised over six centuries ago. He commanded one of his Guardian dogs, Won-Qu, to guard the tomb before hding south. In his vulnerable, newly awakened state, he is attacked by Yohm, a eral in the modern Fou army who is privy to Fou-Lu's long-prophesized resurrection, and aims to kill him before carrying out his plan. Fou-Lu was overpowered in the struggle, and struck down into a ravine.
Elsewhere, Ryu and Nina ran into trouble with a Fou Empire captain named Rasso and couldn't get the needed spare parts in the end. While escaping the Fou soldiers, they travel to a town blighted by an evil miasma known as "hex" to get back to Cray, where they meet Ershin, a mysterious robot-like armor who lds them through the poisoned side of town.[9] Re-uniting with Cray, the tm makes their way west to gather more information. Traveling across a large dam, they narrowly escape a flood and make their way to the town of Kyria, where an eccentric mayor has set up traps everywhere to rout out intruders. Transversing through a nrby wooded ar where a monstrous boar lives and then onward through a cavernous tunnel, the group arrives in Synesta. Obtaining a ld to Elina's wherbouts after a game of hide 'n' seek, detaining a nrby thief and doing some harbour work, they travel on a trader's sand-flier to the north for the western border.
The story shifts back to Fou-Lu, who has awakened after his ordl with Yohm and finds himself in the care of a man named Bunyan. After recovering enough, Fou-Lu departs down the mountain only to find Yohm and his soldiers blocking the path. After a struggle, Fou-Lu is forced to flee by transforming into a dragon and flying away, declaring that he must find his "other half", Ryu, and re-unite with him before the Empire finds him first. Yohm summoned another crture to chase and strike Fou-Lu down. It succeeded and Fou-Lu crashes into the forest below.
By this time, Ryu and his friends have arrived at the border town of Kyojin, where they meet Captain Rasso again who attempts to block them from entering the Causeway's gates. Quickly escaping past the guards in Fou Empire's contient, the tm make their way north where the meet Yuna, an Imperial scientist who knows of Elina. He claimed that she was here but no longer was. The soldiers then captures and returns them to the stern Lands with accusations of brking the pre-war pce trty by trespassing in their lands. The group is detained in the town of Ludia and Cray is set to stand trial on their behalf. The group tries to help by "lessing the evidence" against Cray but to no effect with the judge. With no other choice Ryu, Nina and Ershin brk him out of captivity with the help of Scias, a tall, dog-like mercenary who joins their cause. Determined to clr their names and find Elina, they travel past a swamp and through a volcano to arrive in Wyndia, where after an audience with Nina's father, the king, the group continues west. After seeking the Wind Dragon at the top of an ancient temple and brought to an ancient summoners' village, the group lrns of Ryu's heritage, why the Empire is after Ryu, and the danger he would be in should he and Fou-Lu ever meet. They also lrned that Ershin was carrying an Endless' spirit named Deis. While the group lrns all this, Captain Rasso tracked Ryu to the summoners' village and killed most of the villagers. They then meet Ursula, granddaughter of a high-ranking Fou Empire official and was against Rasso's savage methods. After attacking the villagers, Captain Rasso pulls out his trump card against Ryu. Ryu goes berserk and incinerates all the soldiers and Rasso and almost kills Ursula too but Nina manages to calm Ryu down. Before lving for Kyojin again along the western border, Ursula joins the group to keep an eye on them. Lrning that the Causeway broke down after their inital visit, they find that they need a ship in order to proceed with their journey. After Ursula and Nina pass a test of manhood in order to qualify for passage across the ocn, their quest continues.
Mnwhile, Fou-Lu has awoken in a small farming village and is being cared for by a woman named Mami. Lrning that a supposed "god" on the outskirts of town is thrtening villagers, Fou-Lu goes to investigate, finding only a massive rock golem formed by prolonged exposure of rock and plant life to nrby dragon gods' presence. Defting him, Fou-Lu returns to the village to find it under attack by Yohm's men. Allowing herself to be captured, Mami crtes an opportunity for Fou-Lu to escape into the mountains. As he makes his way to the Imperial capital again, he is bombarded with a large amount of poisoned energy from an Imperial Hex Carronade, which uses human sacrifices as the alyst to crte unstable destructive power. The sacrifice used in this attempt to destroy Fou-Lu was Mami, as Fou-Lu finds a bell she had worn at the site of the hex impact.
Ryu's tm make it to the islands north of the Fou Empire, but get stranded on one of them due to the high tides. While they are stuck on the island until the tides change again, a deranged Fou-Lu arrives at the capital, Chedo, and onward to the Emperor's palace. Inside, he orders his other Guardian dog, A-Tur to destroy the capital for the Empire's follies. Yohm is shocked by Fou-Lu's survival against the hex and desperately tries to kill him, but Fou-Lu had fully regained all his powers. Yohm rlizes he had failed his mission and commits suicide. Yuna is unsucceesful in defting Fou-Lu and flees. All alone, the current 13th Emperor, Soniel, attempts to kill Fou-Lu with Yuna's Dragonslayer sword, declaring that he doesn't want to surrender his empire. Fou-Lu quickly kills him after Soniel's short alterion, assuming his position as hd of his former empire (the scene was censored out in the North America version, also dubbing out Yuna reclaiming his sword).
Making their way to Chedo, the group finds several refugees under attack from one of Fou-Lu's guardian dogs, A-Tur and other monsters. Making their way then to Astana to where the Carronade was, the tm navigates through several floors of thick hex and gigantic structures resembling human organs until rching the top ar where they find Elina. With Elina and Cray alone, Yuna explains himself and what the facilities were for, to crte Endless. Cray was horrified to discover that the entire grotesque structure he'd just climbed was attached to her lower body, the combined appendages and dark magic now giving her god-like powers at the expense of her humanity. Yuna escapes before Cray could kill him for forcefully transforming Elina for his insane goals. By Elina's last request, Cray kills her with the DragonSlayer that was left behind, freeing her from eternal torment as an immortal sacrifice.
Ryu and his tm travel to the Emperor's pagoda to stop him, and find Ursula's adopted grandfather, eral Rhuh, holding off several monsters and A-Tur charging the palace ar. Dying in the struggle, Ursula's grandfather tells his daughter to stop Fou-Lu with her new friends, and restore the empire to its former glory. She agrees, and the group makes their way to the palace's inner sanctum, where Ryu personally confronts Fou-Lu and questions his motivation to destroy humanity after they have done so much for him in the past, recalling and comparing their memories. After an intense battle, Fou-Lu finally understands Ryu's defense and merges with Ryu to become the complete Yorae Dragon God. With the remaining dragon gods of the world deciding to now lve life in humanity's hands, they remove their presence from the planet. With Ryu's godhood now gone, he rejoins the group as a mortal and they lve the palace together to return home.
Win 98/ME/2000/XP
• Pentium II 266MHz
• 64MB RAM
• 3D Card 8MB RAM
• 550MB HD
• 4X -Rom.

MU or 7zip is j@ck or
1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip2. mount iso in daemon tools, alcohol 120 or poweriso3. install the game4. play and enjoy
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