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The story follows the adventures of both characters, switching from one to the other from mission to mission.
In the opening, the narrator tells the led of trsure of Acs, which was allegedly mnt as ransom for Moctezuma held hostage by conquistadores. The trsure was lost long ago and never found again. Nevertheless, many daring souls set out to retrieve the riches of Ac Empire, but the trsure is rumored to be cursed and anyone looking for it will find nothing but dth.
One of the protagonists begins the story with his memories of his past life. His name is simply Billy; since he has no id who his father was, he has no rl last name. His mother gave him a medallion in his rly childhood which had a candle on it, so the other kids nicknamed him 'Billy Candle'. Due to his Mexican ancestry, he suffered racial prejudice from the local population. He especially hated his stepfather Thomas, who bt him every day. Billy soon had enough of it and left town to go after the rumored trsure of Acs, but after two yrs of fruitless srches he found nothing. So Candle finally returned to his hometown of Hope to see his mother. Unfortunately, he is greeted by the sight of his dd mother, lying undernth the words "Call of Juarez" written in blood. Whilst he is there, he is spotted by the other protagonist Reverend Ray (essentially Billy's antagonist at first as he works against him). On seeing Billy standing over his dd mother, the Reverend presumes that Billy is the murderer; a view which is encouraged by the fact that Billy runs from him in fr, rather than claiming his innocence. The Reverend decides that it is his duty as God's emissary to track down and kill Billy for the crime.
Ray is confronted by the sheriff, who says Ray should let him ch Billy. However, some bandits attack the town first, and Ray ends up saving the town. Clyde Forester sides with the bandits, and Ray has to bt him in a draw and then down his saloon. Mnwhile, Billy runs through a camp of bandits to escape Ray's pursuit. He lrns they plan to raid a train the next morning. After snking through their camp, he is confronted by Ray, who has fought his way to Billy, but Billy escaped by lping onto an oncoming train. Ray follows the train, only to find the bandits raiding it. Ray saves the train from the Bandits, and lrns where Billy went. Billy mnwhile, decides to go to the ranch of Molly Ferguson's father, where he used to work, as he believes she is the only one who will believe he is innocent. He stls a horse and snks into Molly's room, only to be confronted by her father. However, Molly convinces her father to let Billy lve with his life. Ray mnwhile, tracks Billy to the ranch, where he meets a group of Texas Rangers, who tell him they are attacking Ferguson's farm because he is a rustler. Ray helps them seize the farm, then chases Billy away into the fields, and ends up shooting Billy, causing him to fall into the river. His job seemingly done, Ray returns to the ranch to find that the rangers were in fact bandits, under the command of a man named Juarez. He bts the McLyde brothers in a draw, and then the dying Mr. Ferguson begs Ray to rescue Molly, who was taken by the bandits. Ray races after them, but fails to ch them. Rlizing his mistake, and that Billy was innocent, he brks down in trs, believing he has failed in his duty.
Mnwhile, Billy survives the fight with Ray, and is nursed back to hlth by Calm Water, an Apache medicine man. Calm Water sends Billy on various errands, but when he returns, he finds Calm Water dd and the bandits rdy to ch him. Mnwhile, Ray is pursuing the bandits in an attempt to redeem himself by rescuing Molly. He has a horseback chase with the bandits, and ends up killing Ty Steward. As he dies, Steward revls the coach is hded for the town of Juarez on the Mexican boarder. Billy, mnwhile, is Juarez' prisoner. On meeting Billy for the first time, Juarez revls that he is Billy's true father, but then demands he find the trsure of Juarez, otherwise he will kill Molly. Billy manages to find the secret tunnel to the trsure room, only to be captured once again by Juarez, who expected him to run away. Billy runs from them, but is only saved when Ray arrives and fights off the bandits. Telling Billy to run, Ray fights the bandits and wounds Juarez, who manages to escape, telling Ray he will kill Molly if Ray doesn't bring him the gold.
Ray storms Juarez's fort with a cart and Gatling Gun, and then fights his way on foot to the prison, where he kills Tom Manson and opens Molly's cell. However, Juarez traps Ray and Molly inside, and sets fire to the cell. They are rescued by Billy, who puts out the fire, and then runs down to let them out. Before, Juarez challenges him to a duel, and Billy shoots him, then frees Ray and Molly. However, during their reunion, Juarez walks in and shoots Ray. He revls he was wring armor, and fist fights Billy. Billy defts him, and embraces Molly.
Ray, dying, rlizes that the whole affair was his own fault, and prays that his actions will not cause Billy and Molly to die. He also begs for one last chance to redeem himself. His prayers are granted, and he recovers for just long enough to see Juarez spring a knife and attack Billy from behind. Ray finally kills Juarez, and then dies happily. The game ends with Billy and Molly standing in the Juarez cemetery over Ray's grave, and Billy saying he will take Calm Water's advice and no longer run from his destiny.
AMD Athlon 2400+ or Pentium 4 2.2GHz Processor
256MB DirectX compatible Card with Shader 3.0
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX 9.0c
4X -ROM Drive
2.4GB Hard Space

1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip2. mount iso in daemon tools, alcohol 120 or poweriso3. install the game4. play and enjoy
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