Monday, May 16, 2016

Download Clone Ultimate v7.0.0.3 Full Version

Cloneis a flexible and sy to use copy software. Without special setting, Clone auto removes all protections (CSS, RC, RCE, UOPs and ARccOS) while copying, lets you freely copy all of your collections. You can freely select copy mode, source file and target file as per your taste. The source and target file can either be disc, folder or ISO file saved on your PC. Copy main only with extras and special ftures omitted, personalize your s only favorite title/chapter/subtitle/audio remained, you even can custom the target size to fit your disc. Clone can compress/trans a -9 into one -5 disc with highest quality, or split a -9 into two -5 discs if your have only single-layer(-5, 4.7GB) .

Here are some ftures of "Clone":

Perfect Copy Quality:
- Rl clone by 1:1, Perfect & Audio Quality - like the original!

Region-free & CSS-free, remove ARccOS copy-protection on-the-fly:
- Remove new ARccOS protection, copy ARccOS protected s smoothly
- Copy copyright-protected . Built-in Ripper, backup CSS (Content Scrambling System) encrypted
- Supports all-region discs, remove region protection (Region-free), remove RPC-I/RPC-II/RCE region protection automatically during copying
- Without warning screen and watermark, copied same as the original

Flexible Copy Modes:
- Title / Chapter Preview: access content in advance, help you decide what to copy and what to remove
- Multiple copy modes: Entire Disc, Main , Customize, Split Disc
- Entire Disc: completely copy all the Special Ftures, Intros, Menus, Subtitles & Languages, nothing to lose
- Main : lit copy main title, remove unnecessary intros, menus, language and sound tracks
- Customize: personalize target , just favorite title/chapter/subtitle/audio remained; and custom target size to fit to your output disc
- Split Disc: split a whole -9 into 2 -5 blanks to keep original quality
- Multiple engines selectable, external Nero engine supported

Convert & split as MPEG4 file, fit for popular portable devices:
- Convert as MPEG file: AVI-MPEG4, ASF-MPEG4, MP4-MPEG4, 3GP-MPEG4 or PSP-MPEG4 to fit for most popular portable devices: MPEG4 player, PSP, iPod, PMP and 3G smart phone
- Split as MPEG4 file into several clips with smaller size to fit your portable device memory

Freely Specify Source & Target:
- Copy/ from disc
- Copy/ from folder on hard
- to disc
- Copy to folder on hard
- Crte ISO file
- Convert as MPEG4 file

Built-in Compress Engine:
- Fastest compression engine built-in, fit a -9 into one regular -5 disc

High Compatibility:
- High compatibility, copied s playable on PC & stand-alone Player
- Supports NTSC and PAL copy
- Supports most discs: -R(W), +R(W), DL-RW, DL+R
- Compliant with most popular (Dual-layer included) on the market
- Dual-layer 8.5GB disc supported, -9 to -9 copy

sy Usage & Fast Copy:
- User-friendly Interface, just one click copy, without any complied setting
- Fast copy! A 2-hour copy finishes in 45 minutes around. (your system performance dependent)
- Multiple language interfaces selectable



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