Monday, May 16, 2016

Download Inversion-BlackBox For PC Direct Links

Take on the role of a young father and husband, David Russel, who finds himself thrust into war when his pceful city is invaded by an unknown enemy. With his daughter missing and conventional wpons and tactics all but useless, this ordinary cop and his partner Leo Deado will rise up to heed the call of duty, master the fundamental forces of gravity and save the world.

Multiplayer Options
Play through the compelling story on your own or play with others in either co-op or competitive modes.
Battle with up to 16 friends in gravity defying multiplayer maps and modes.
Brkthrough Gravity-Defying Gameplay
Lrn to maneuver and shoot in an ever-changing state of global gravity, including weightless gameplay in zero gravity.
Control gravitational forces using your Gravlink device to either incrse or decrse the amount of gravity on a given target.
Command gravity to crush objects in your way, float enemies into range or even pick up cars to use them as mobile cover.
Innovative Cover System
With bullets flying, seek cover objects in the environment or manipulate objects to crte cover for yourself.
Pervasive Environmental Destruction
INVERSION have been specifically designed to allow for maximum destructibility using the “Havok Destruction” module.
Blast through the environments, target your enemies cover blasting it to bits or even knock down overhd objects to crush the enemy below.

Operating System: XP (SP3) / Vista / 7
Processor: Core2 Duo / AMD Athlon 64 X2 2 GHz or higher
Graphics Card:ATI Radeon 2900 XT / NVIDIA GeForce 8800 with 512MB memory
hard :6 GB free space
Sound card:compatible with DirectX 9.0c
DirectX:9.0c or higher

Download Inversion-BlackBox For PC Direct Links======================================Part 1|Part 2|Part 3|Part 4|Part 5

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