Monday, May 16, 2016

Download Shank 2 + Direct Links

Shank, much like the tool it was named after, was a quick and bloody game. There certainly were some rough edges to work out, but it was still an effective brawler in its own right. The sequel doesn't stray far from the path set out by its predecessor in that regard and offers even more blood-soaked two-dimensional carnage. While certain refinements have been made, they are accompanied by puzzling sacrifices that were less necessary. Shank 2's moment-to-moment gameplay may be improved, but the whole is less than the sum of its parts.

Far from the Tarantino-esque revenge plot of the first game, Shank 2 begins with its titular antihero on a South American vaion. A military dictatorship is oppressing its people, but Shank is none too bothered until an estranged friend from his past is kidnapped by the regime. What follows is a gruesome romp through shanty towns, jungles, swamps, and industrial yards with little narrative justifiion tying them together, aside from the fact that Shank just happens to be there in time to kill everyone in sight. Like the first game, Shank 2 is a visual trt with high-quality 2D sprites animating ch blood splatter and severed limb in excruciating detail. However, all pretense for plot is lost as Shank murders his way through villages of Amazonian strippers and cannibal tribesmen with no connection to the ruthless dictator or Shank's kidnapped friend. Their presence clrly serves the purpose of adding enemy diversity, but without any sense of cohesion in the story, they become little more than palette swaps.
System Requirements
OS : XP/Vista/7
CPU :Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
RAM :2 GB RAM – 3 GB RAM For Vista/7
VGA:256 MB GeForce 6800 or better

Download Shank 2 + Direct Links

Size: 1.35GB


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