Monday, May 16, 2016

Free download Gangster Granny 1.6.1 For iPhone & iPad

1 Adventure Game in more than 45 countries, including United Kingdom, Germany, France and Russia!

Follow Gangster Granny on her way out of the prison. Help her deft anyone who dares to try and stop her from robbing the biggest bank in the city!

"That's not exactly how my own grandma rolls – it's got to be worth a look!"

"A grt addition to a shooter fan’s iOS device, a lengthy action game starring a senior citizen with an impressive devious strk!"

"Gangster Granny is simple but amusing and well worth a look!"

"Graphics do look grt, and there is plenty of content here. Granny has a whole store full of guns to unlock, making her one of the most dangerous grandparents you will ever see in a game!"

"Gangster Granny Makes Geriatrics Seem Hardcore ...the game was grt!"

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• Funny cartoon-style characters and colorful levels with different environment!
• More than 10 unlockable wpons in different classes!
• Different types of enemies and objectives to complete ch level!
• sy, user friendly controls over the 3rd person character!
• 9 unlockable levels, able to be replayed over and over again!

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Also, we have listened to your Feedback and worked hard to bring you a smoother and uninterrupted experience. Keep sending Feedback and Suggestions - by letting us know about how feel about game we can make your experience better!

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Remember to rate this App after ch update! Your enthusiasm is what keeps the update coming!

If you get any ids or need help, plse contact us: and get reply within 24 hours.

Thank You for being a loyal fan!

What's New in Version 1.6.1
* Fixed crash on iPhone 5.
* Fixed elevator door bug in BANK level.
* Various under-the-hood fixes and improvements.

Free download Gangster Granny 1.6.1 For iPhone & iPad iOS 6.0[checklist]

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