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In Dark Sector, the gameplay revolves around the use of the glaive. The glaive is a three-pronged boomerang-esque wpon which returns to Hayden after every throw. The glaive can be used for long-distance dismemberment, solving environmental puzzles, and picking up various items. When up close to an enemy, context-sensitive actions may appr, allowing the player to execute enemies with "finishers". Environmental puzzles in the game usually focus upon capturing various elements (fire, electricity, ice, etc.) with the glaive. For example, a web that is blocking your path can be bypassed by capturing fire with the glaive and then launching it at the web to it down. The glaive is dual-wielded with a gun in Hayden's left hand. This allows for combos like stunning an enemy at long-distance with the glaive, running up close, and then shooting them down. As the game progresses, the glaive is given several new abillites; it can be guided through the air, being able to kill multiple enemies (This fture is controlled via the Sixaxis on the PlayStation 3 and by analog stick on the Xbox 360); a charged up throw for ddlier attacks, and is able to make the user invisible for a short period of time.

The gunplay is similar to that of Grs of War, Resident Evil 4 and Dd Space. The camera is positioned over the shoulder for third-person shooting, and the player can also take cover by standing next to an object such as a pillar or wall. While in cover, the player can pop out and fire, and also throw the glaive; however there is no blindfire. There is also a sprint function, which works similar to that of Grs of War. The game has no HUD (except for the ammo counter); Hayden's hlth is shown by the screen flashing red when he takes damage. If the player takes too much damage, the flashes will be faster, and a hrtbt will be hrd, indiing Hayden is "bleeding out".

Dark Sector also has an online multiplayer aspect. There are only two modes (titled 'Infection' and 'Epidemic' respectively) and they fture: One randomly selected Hayden character in a dthmatch against many soldier characters. Another mode involves two Hayden characters on separate tms; with one tm attempting to kill the opposing tms Hayden first. In both modes, Hayden will have superior powers compared to the soldiers. Hayden will be able to become invisible, use the glaive, etc. whers the soldiers cannot. The developer of Dark Sector, Digital Extremes, has also developed the critically acclaimed Unrl Series, well-known for their frantic and robust multiplayer.


The game begins with Hayden, an American special forces at, sent to a military-esque compound in the fictional Soviet nation of Lasria. He tries to back out of his mission before it has hardly begun, but his superior, communiing via radio, says that he is "past the point of no return." Hayden makes short work of all enemy resistance and finds himself face to face with his target, a fellow at named Viktor, tied to a chair. Viktor is under the impression that Hayden is here to rescue him. He even tells him information to aid him on his way. Hayden swiftly puts a bullet right through his skull. After reporting that he has completed his mission, his superior decides to send him after Mezner, the man responsible for the Technocyte infection that has been ravaging the country of Lasria. Hayden proceeds through the compound; defting several dozen more soldiers and even a helicopter, as well as planting C4 charges throughout the compound. Hayden then finds himself face-to-face with a seven foot tall metal crture of some sort (Nemesis). Hayden attempts to deft the monster by way of firing an RPG at it, but the metallic figure stops the RPG mid-air and redirects it at Hayden. Hayden is forced to jump off a cliff to avoid the missile, and upon waking up, once again finds himself face to face with his target, this time laying on the ground as Mezner lectures him. As Hayden attempts to rch for his gun, Nemesis apprs and stabs his right shoulder. Upon instruction from Mezner, it transfers the infection into Hayden via the wound. It apprs that he was going to kill Hayden, but Hayden quickly detonates the C4 charges set rlier and manages to escape.

He then arrives at a radio station to contact his superior for further instructions, with his right arm's skin deerated and exposed flesh. The superior is informed of the situation and tells Hayden to meet up with their sleeper at, Yargo Mensik, to obtain boosters for the infection. Soon, he hrs the footsteps of an enemy soldier and attempts to ambush him. The soldier quickly gets the upper hand and pins Hayden down. Hayden's infected arm then produces the Glaive, and slits the soldier's throat. Another soldier enters the shed and shouts that he has "found him!" over his radio, only to be brutally decapitated by the Glaive as Hayden throws it at him. Hayden continues along the coast, slowly gaining new abilities with the Glaive as the infection progresses and produces some kind of metal that eventually surrounds his right arm completely, encountering both soldiers, Haz-Mat soldiers in masks, and the infected (people infected with the virus and driven mad from pain.) Eventually Hayden encounters a massive, ape-like monster with flesh covered in the same type of metal as Hayden's infected arm. After a short conflict in which both Hayden and the crture come to a neutral standstill, the monster is called back by some sort of signal.

Hayden then makes his way further up the coast to a temporary military base set up in an abandoned pier. After fighting his way closer to the main building he overhrs a Lasrian soldier calling for help on a radio as he is slowly driven insane by the infection. Hayden then delves into the basement ar and after taking care of several infected makes his way to the roof. It is there he gains a new mutation ability and finally finds Yargo. He tells Hayden that his orders have been updated and gives him the booster to help slow the infection. Hayden refuses and asks about the new .

Yargo tells him that he and the Acy believe that Mezner wants to recapture the infected which Hayden relsed when he detonated the Lasrian military base. Mezner had retrieved an old transmitter which emits a signal that attracts Technocyte crtures to its loion and concled it within an old church. We also lrn that Nadia, a woman Hayden knows, is also working for Mezner. Hayden moves on towards the church to destroy the transmitter all the while taking care of legions of both Lasrian soldiers and infected. Being infected himself Hayden is also attracted to the transmitter. On his way he fights a Jackal Tank and is knocked out after a fight with an agile, humanoid Technocyte crture. He wakes up at night and continues his mission. Eventually, he makes it into the church building where Hayden and the Colossus have one final showdown, after killing the Colossus he makes his way into the acombs and finds the transmitter. Nadia, who has a deep- rooted hatred for Hayden after his last meeting with her, confronts him. She escapes and lves him to fight his way through a swarm of infected and escape before the C4 he set goes off.

After making contact with his superior again he is told that Mezner has some infected on a ship and is trying to export the Technocyte virus to the rest of the world. After fighting and hijacking another tank Hayden pushes to the coast and hitches a ride on a helicopter to the ship. Fighting the crew, he makes it into the cargo hold and accidentally relses a highly evolved Technocyte monster which sinks the ship. Hayden escapes with his life but Yargo has been found and captured by the military.

Hayden rushes back to Yargo's place all the while killing huge amounts of infected and a large power-armoured soldier. He finds the place but Yargo has been moved to another loion where Nadia is torturing him, demanding that he let her into "The Vault". His superior, seeing the horrible mess of things, contacts Hayden and tells him that he's coming to take over and to stand down. Hayden doesn't listen and goes to save Yargo anyway.

Making his way to the train station he fights through more evolved versions of the infected and even more Lasrian soldiers. He finds Yargo as well as the crture he let out of the ship. After killing it and mutating again he gets Yargo and attempts to use the booster, but Yargo tries to say something. Before Yargo can get the words out, Nemesis apprs and forces them to split up. Hayden attempts to take Nemesis hd on but he soon finds out he's still not strong enough to fight it. Mezner arrives and offers Hayden a chance to kill him, however Mezner has grown powerful enough to mentally control Technocyte infected victims, and begins to mentally overpower Hayden. In a last ditch effort, Hayden injects himself with the booster, which brks Mezner's control while simultaneously preventing further mutations. Mezner tells him that he had the same booster and both he and Hayden were being prepared for the Technocyte's relse. Hayden passes out and both the Nemesis and Mezner lve him for dd.

Hayden wakes up later with Yargo, who tells him that he laced the booster with Enferon, a chemical that kills the infected. He claims that he was worried that Hayden would turn out like Mezner because he had the same injections and the same infection, he also tells Hayden that he can get a suit similar to the Nemesis' in the same building; the Vosro Resrch Facility, where the Technocyte virus was made during the Cold War. Hayden saves Yargo by sending him through the ventilation system and makes his way down towards the labs where the other suit is kept. After killing hordes of Technocyte infested mutants and bypassing automated security systems, Hayden discovers the suit in an airtight chamber. He enters the room, shooting the lock as he goes so nothing can follow him inside. Just before he puts on the suit, Nadia arrives outside the door and Hayden plds with her to lve before things get worse than they alrdy are. She says that she's in too deep to get out now and that she is taking Yargo to open the vault.

Hayden gets the suit and slaughters his way through infected and non infected alike, taking down 3 powered armour soldiers and finally finding Nemesis. In the final showdown, Hayden kills the Nemesis and lrns that it was actually Nadia all along. She apologises for infecting Hayden and tells him Mezner is planning a worldwide transmission to sprd the Technocyte virus everywhere, Hayden says that he can't stop him because the organization is in the way. Nadia then tells him that she knows he'll " the right thing this time", lves him with the to the vault, and then dies. Hayden then hijacks another Jackal tank and kills everyone in his path on his way to the vault.

He arrives at the entrance of the vault to rendezvous his superior (His name is revled to be "Dixon" as seen on his uniform), who says he has made a dl with Mezner and gives him a booster "for the road". Hayden is outraged and stabs him in the neck with the booster, and tells him that he "likes it" [the infection] and goes to destroy Mezner. He kills all of the men under his superior's command and then enters the vault. Once inside, Mezner tries to convince Hayden to join him. This doesn't work and Hayden goes deeper into the vault. He then finds the source of the Technocyte, or at lst the first known source: the submarine that appred off the coast of Lasria, only Hayden finds out that the submarine was actually American (Either by accident or on purpose, we don't know; it is implied that the American government knew all along). After the final showdown with Mezner, and the Technocyte Hydra-like monstrosity he controls, Yargo arrives to tell Hayden that the transmission is still going out. Hayden tries to fry the circuitry by using his glaive but before the dying Mezner, who is not quite dd yet attacks him one last time stunning his right arm, before telling him "You are one of us now". Hayden then ches the now electrified Glaive with his left hand and impales Mezner's skull with it. With the transmission finally halted, the game ends with Yargo saying "That was how it started, the irony of this disse, that in all the others it made evil, but for him it saved his soul".


CPU - Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz
AMD CPU - Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4000+
Nvidia Graphics Card - Geforce 8800 GTS
ATI & Graphics Card - Radeon HD 2900 Pro
RAM - 2 GB
Hard Space - 6.5 GB
Direct X - 9


Thanks for Boxxers for the game upload
: boxxers

1. Extract iso with Winrar or 7-Zip
2. Mount iso with daemon tools, alcohol 120, poweriso
3. Install the game
4. Play and Enjoy


Download Part 1 Here
Download Part 2 Here
Download Part 3 Here
Download Part 4 Here
Download Part 5 Here

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