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A "Prelude to E3" developer diary was relsed on May 15, 2009. The developers confirmed that the combat system has been upgraded, with everything from the feel of the combat and the AI being improved, including rlistic damage modeling and downed enemies still continuing to crawl and fight. New to the series is a hvy wpons system that will allow you to "kill [somebody] a thousand times" over. The tone of the game is similar to that of the Wild West, fturing warlords and crime gangs. The also confirmed the existence of new alien races and an attack by one race on Citadel-controlled space, wring armor with an "M1" logo painted on it and seeming to control similarly armored varren, a race of non-sapient animals similar to dogs.

Mass Effect 2 also ftures reerating hlth as its primary hlth mechanic, instd of being able to hl with "medi-gel" as in the first game. In addition, the overht system for wpons have been replaced with collectible ammunition.

The characters in Mass Effect 2 will be more detailed not only graphically, but technically. In the original Mass Effect, Commander Shepard only had 20 animations for cover, while in Mass Effect 2, the character has over 200. The world will also be more open-ended in this installment; uncharted worlds the player could only explore for "c thrills" will now be more detailed and have more to explore.

The camera positioning for conversations with AI characters has also been improved, the previously static camera now moving around to provide "a much needed cinematic touch."

A new vehicle will be introduced to replace the M35 Mako due to criticism of the Mako's poor gameplay sections in the first game.

Transferring save-files

Casey Hudson, Project Director for BioWare, and Greg Zeschuk, BioWare co-founder, as well as various developers on the official Mass Effect message boards, have said that players should keep their Mass Effect save-files, because decisions made by the player in the first game will continue to have influences on their character in the sequel. Players who have not played the first Mass Effect will start a new character in Mass Effect 2, and will be brought up to speed on the story elements that have taken place thus far in the series. Hudson also states that characters from the previous game will come back, provided that they were not killed.

Character dth

The first tser for this game gives the impression that Commander Shepard has been killed in action, but a later shows that Shepard is still alive at the beginning of the game. Players themselves can dictate whether or not Shepard will die based on choices that they make throughout the game. BioWare Executive Producer Casey Hudson explained that "If you do die in the ending of Mass Effect 2, it will not come as a surprise, nor will it be random. It will be pretty obvious that you hded into the final mission knowing that Shepard probably wouldn’t make it out alive." Hudson also confirmed that tm members would be affected by the player's decisions during the final mission: "You might have an ending where Shepard’s entire tm survives, or where the entire mission is a bloodbath and everyone (including Shepard) is killed, or anything in between." The ending in which Shepard is killed represents a permanent dth, rather than one where the player simply reloads from the last saved game, mning Shepard would not be available for Mass Effect 3 in that scenario.
Processor - Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHzAMD Processor - Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4800+Nvidia Graphics Card - Geforce 8800 GTSATI Graphics Card - Radeon HD 2900 XT 512MBRAM Memory - 2 GBHard Space - 15 GBDirect X - 9
: boxxers

1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip
2. mount iso to any virtual
3. install the game
4. play and enjoy
Mass Effect DLC
1. Before installing you need to turn off gameplay feedback and autoconnect
ingame options.
2. Start Mass Effect 2, choose Extras in menu, then go to Options and set all to No.
3. Exit game.
4. Install all files from "DLC" folder.
5. Copy "giveme2entitlements.exe" from "" folder to ME2 install folder where is "MassEffect2Launcher.exe loed.
6. Run "giveme2entitlements.exe" and follow instructions.
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