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The protagonist of "Prison Brk:The Conspiracy" game is Company at Tom Paxton, a ZootFly-developed new character for the game plot.[4] He is sent to the Fox River State Penitentiary to unravel the mystery behind Michael Scofield (the hero of the series) being in the same prison as his brother Lincoln Burrows. Paxton's boss, Jack Mannix, sends him undercover in Fox River Penitentiary to observe Michael Scofield. He does this and reports back to Mannix multiple times. Paxton records his thoughts and one of his conversations with Mannix as his insurance. Paxton manages to become aquatinted with C-note, T-Bag, and John Abruzzi (which gets him onto the PI crew). Parallel to the time of the riot in the first sson, Paxton fights his way through inmates and and gets into a fight with T-Bag. He observes Lincoln killing an inmate named Turk (in self-defense). Paxton investigates Turk's body and finds a note that says "kill Burrows and Paxton". Paxton is confused by this and wants to get to the bottom of it. He gets back to the cell block and is about to ch up with Lincoln, but gets into a fight with a guard. After the riot, he calls Mannix and Mannix strangely asks him if he's alright. Paxton says yes and Mannix tells him to get back to his mission, observing Scofield and making sure Lincoln stays alive until he is executed. Paxton asks Abruzzi if he can help dig up something on Turk. Abruzzi asks a favor and in return he would look up info on Turk. When Paxton asks what Abruzzi found he tells him that his men were bt down just for asking about him and that he was a ghost. Paxton asks if there is anything else he can do for him and Abruzzi says if he can get his hands on the phone records he could find out who Turk had called. Paxton gets the records and Abruzzi gets the info after a couple hours. In the boiler room Abruzzi confronts Paxton, asking if he was a cop. Abruzzi tells him not to deny it but he does anyway. Abruzzi confirms he is by saying he used to do business with a cop he called "Jack-lying-sonofabitch-Mannix" and tells his men to kill Paxton. Paxton takes them both out and proceeds out of the building. Two men arrive at Fox River saying they are from the Department of Corrections, but actually they work for The Company. They confront Paxton asking his why he hasn't killed Lincoln yet and that they even sent in Turk to help him. Paxton rlizes Mannix set him up. Later, parallel to the rl story-line, Abruzzi's throat is cut (by T-Bag) which gets him out of the prison and keeps Paxton safe. Bellick then tells Paxton he has a visitor from the FBI. The visitor is Aldo Burrows, Lincoln's father. Aldo says that the entire thing with Lincoln was set up because he left The Company. Aldo makes a dl with Paxton that if he helps Michael and Lincoln escape, he will delete his Company records. During the night, while Sucre continues digging the tunnel, Paxton snks out of his cell and deletes his Prison records. He makes a memo saying he's the ghost now. The next morning on the new prisoner bus, Abruzzi (according to the story-line) returns from the hospital. Off the story-line, Abruzzzi confronts a new prisoner, Mannix. Paxton knows that Mannix is there to kill Lincoln. A guard escorts Mannix to the SHU ar. Paxton snks in himself and vesdrops on their conversation. He hrs the guard asking about his daughter. Mannix says that the child will be okay if he does what he's told. Mannix goes off without the guard. Paxton follows him and outside Lincoln's SHU cell Paxton and mannix get into a fight and, in the chaos, Mannix gets Paxton's recorder. Mannix knocks Paxton down and runs off. Lincoln tell s Paxton his father told him he was on his side and says he can't let Mannix get away. The guard then comes and tells Lincoln he's being transferred to the infirmary (parallel to the story-line on the night of the escape). Paxton returns to A-Wing and sees the to-be escapees disappr into Michael's cell (parallel to the story-line). Paxton goes to the cell and sees that Trumpets found the hole. Paxton knocks him out and proceeds inside the hole. He sees Mannix and they begin to fight. Mannix manages to knock down Paxton. Paxton stays in hot pursuit. He picks up the guard's uniform he stashed in the sewers rlier. When he gets out of the tunnels he sees Mannix on the roof. He tackles Mannix and they get into a rumble. Paxton tells him he knows everything and wanted to know why he set him up. Mannix said it was because he knew too much. While they are fighting the alarm goes off and Mannix sees Lincoln getting over the wall. Paxton taunts him about this. The helicopter overhd has a sniper scope on Mannix, but Paxton (in the guard uniform) is in too close of a vicinity for it to be a safe shot. Paxton backs up and the sniper takes out Mannix. One of the guards runs over to Mannix to see if he's dd. Paxton walks over to Mannix's body and takes the recorder of his memos and calmly walks out of the hectic prison that is gring up for the manhunt.
The storyline runs parallel to the first sson of Prison Brk: Paxton encounters several characters from the series and experiences events from his own perspective
Minimum system hardware (specs) requirements, for PC game Prison Brk The Conspiracy
Operating System: XP; Vista, 7Processor: Single Core 2.0 GHzMemory: 1 GB RAMHard Drive: 2.0 GB available hard drive space Card (graphics): Shader 3.0 NVidia 7800+ / ATI X1800Sound Card: DirectX compliantDirectX: DirectX 9.0c-ROM driveboard, mouse
Recommended system requirements for Prison Brk The Conspiracy
Operating System: XP; Vista, 7Processor: Dual Core 2.0 GHzMemory: 2 GB RAMHard Drive: 2.0 GB available hard drive space Card (graphics): Shader 3.0 NVidia 8800+ / ATI X3600+Sound Card: DirectX compliantDirectX: DirectX 9.0c-ROM driveboard, mouse
1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip2. mount iso in daemon tools, alcohol 120 or poweriso3. install the game4. play and enjoy
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