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By 232BC, during the Hellenistic period, many grt empires have risen to power on the world stage. In the West, the nations that once made up Alexander the Grt's mighty empire are crumbling and conflicts and political differences are plaguing the region. Carthage and Rome are bitter rivals fighting to dominant and eliminate ch other from the ar surrounding the Mediterrann S. At the same time, the typically pceful Egyptian Empire is at war with the Selecuid Empire as an act of revenge against a murder plot by the Selecuid king that secured his claim to the throne. In the Northst, the Huns thrten the northern Chinese states as the Qin dynasty fights to unify China and in Southst Asia, the dth of the grt ruler Ashoka has left the nation in a state of flux. The world is chaotic and full of heroes, drmers and deceivers. What path will you choose to raise a mighty empire?
Game StrategyStrength & Honour 2 is an empire building turn-based and rl-time battle strategy war game that is set in the ancient world. The game allows the player to take the st of an ancient ruler. They have eight civilizations to choose from with over 25 nations from Rome, Carthage, Egypt, Persia and the Gauls in the West to China, the Huns and Maurya in the st. Rather than kill monsters and find trsure, Strength & Honour 2 takes the player back in history to a time when empires were built not just through wars and a life of the sword, but the player must face the rl obstacle of ruling a nation; maintaining pce and unity within the empire.
Building an empire is one thing, but sustaining one is a whole other matter. As the player builds up the empire’s foundation through sword and might and expands across the world, the internal problems of running an empire start surfacing and requires more attention from the player. Local governors may demand more of their fair share of the wlth and land in the empire, the expedition marshal may overshadow the ruler’s popularity and became more of a thrt to the ruler than foreign enemies or erals may start to form political parties that begin to dictate the direction of the player's commands and so on.
Strength & Honour 2 shows the player the trials and tribulations on the road to crting a truly successful empire.
Battle ModeBattle Mode allows the player to organize and control their army and engage an opposing army in battle. They can enter this mode when they engage with an enemy army or when the player attacks a city or an enemy army attacks one of the player's cities in World Mode. The player will be prompted to personally ld their troops into battle or allow the computer to decide a winner. If the player chooses to ld their army, then the will enter Battle Mode which gives the player the power to set attack formations and strategize an attack pattern that will allow the plater to bt their opponent even if the player's troops are outed.
Using a 3-D terrain system the battles are in rl-time and the cities and terrain in battle are both vivid and rlistic with backgrounds from all over the known world. Wther patterns, the time of attack and the morale of troops all have an impact on the outcome of the battle and make for battles that are always interesting and surprising.
FacilitiesIn Strength & Honour 2, the facilities that a player can build in their cities a very important to maintaining a successful empire. Depending on the personalities and desires of the player's subjects, different types of buildings will need to be built to maintain a high level of happiness. If the player fails to satisfy the desires of their erals then a city may revolt and attempt to brk away from the player's nation. facilities include: Farms, Courthouses, Schools, Barracks and Marketplaces.

Pentium 4 2 GHz1 GB RAMgraphic card 64 MB6 GB HDD XP.
: j@ck
1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip2. mount iso in daemon tools, alcohol 120 or poweriso3. install the game4. play and enjoy
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