Monday, May 16, 2016


When a powerful businessman begins turning Vegas into a family-friendly tourist trap, you must start your own powerful empire and resurrect the famous adult playground. Party hard at the hottest clubs to make VIP connections. Grow your bankroll by hitting high stakes tables. Race the fastest cars on the underground circuit to raise your reputation. Fight off enemies with fists and firrms to prove your strength. Where you go and what you do is your call whether counting cards, seducing dangerous women, cruising the strip or starting bar brawls, there’s lots of excitement on the way to the top.

This is Vegas brings you to Sin City, where you all its glorious excess is available for you to revel in and . ting, drinking, gambling, partying—it's all here and instantly recognizable. A developer is trying to cln up the city, and your job is to keep him from doing so as you try to preserve and keep the seedy underworld alive.

The Sin City in Digital Form Anyone familiar with Vegas will recognize their favorite casinos and spots. The strip in the game is populated with dozens of casinos that are parodies of their rl-life counterpart. For example, the in-game Olympus casino is a humorous take on the rl-life Caesar's Palace, while the Mayan is a play on the actual Luxor casino that looks like a Mayan pyramid. The game has an open-world, go-anywhere environment. For example, you can walk into any of these casinos and start gambling. Vegas is all here: the graphics are incredibly detailed with very sharp human characters, and you'll see all the raunchiness and dirty language as well.

The game isn't just restricted to the Strip; you'll also be able to drive out to the old Vegas of Fremont Street, as well as malls, residential ars, and desert. The open-ended design lets you go wherever you want.

Make a Fortune Gambling Walk into any of the casinos, and you'll be able to gamble to make more money. Slot machines, blackjack, and poker is all here, but you'll have the opportunity to to make money quickly. You start off with $50 and you'll quickly have to make a lot more. As you play, the world continues to go on; people walk around, other gamblers sit down to join you, and the pit bosses move around. This is important because you can , but you'll have to be careful so no one sees you.

Party at the Clubs Wander into a club and you can tend the bar, dance on the floor, and hook up with girls. Dancing is accomplished by pressing a combination of buttons in tune with the rhythm, and when bartending, you'll have to dash back and forth to make sure everyone gets their drink.

Fights will sometimes brk out, and you'll have to punch and grab to make sure you don't get knocked out. You may also experience the occasional gun fight.

Race for Cash Like in the The Fast and the Furious, illicit races are going on in the streets at night. You can "borrow" a car from someone on the street, or use one that you've received as a reward, and hurtle through the streets of Vegas, trying to get more money and raise your reputation. As you gain a better reputation, you'll have access to more exclusive clubs and better cars.


1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip
2. mount iso in daemon tools, alcohol 120 or poweriso
3. install the game
4. play and enjoy



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