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The player has the ability to resrch and crte wpons personally to equip his warriors with. This, however, makes ch unit relatively expensive. But the player can also stl the opponent's wpons when his warriors die and lve their equipment on the battlefield. The player's workers can collect them. Collected wpons have no cost when building a unit using that wpon.

There are three types of infantry. Light, Medium, and Hvy. Light infantry (psiloi, kara warrior, nubian mercenary) are lightly armored and fast. They are idl for being ranged units. Medium infantry (spartiate, noble, mighty nadsez), are medium armored and are good as both ranged and melee. Hvy infantry (hoplite, immortal, Pharaoh's guard) are hvily armored and slow, but are ddly when used as melee.

All infantry (excluding heroes) are built either at the barracks or archery range. Before building a unit, the player must choose which items are to be equipped to that unit. There are 8 slots for customization, and a variety of wpons and shields. Most have to be resrched before equipping them to the soldiers.

The game consists of three campaigns centerd on the ancient civiliztions:The Spartans, The Egyptians and The Persians. ch campaign for every nation is divided into nine missions.

The Spartan campaign

The story starts with Pausanias(relative of Leonidas king of Sparta) who goes after Leonidas to help him battle the Persians. After the two meet, Leonidas starts telling the story of how he became king with the help of his uncle Demeratus. This is sort of an introduction to the game and the rl story. After the story, Leonidas dies in the battle of Thermopylae and Pausanias takes over the battle with the Persians.

The Egyptian campaign

The lding role for is campaign is played by Inaros who has had his lover taken away by a Persian lder and tries to conquer her back along with the liberation of his people from the Persian empire.

The Persian campaign

Starts with the story of the two sons of Darius(Xerxes and Artabuzes) fighting for their ascension to throne after their father died and let xerxes as legitimate ruler(thanks to the influence of the now ex-king mercenary Demeratus)

Battles and Formations
Arrange Your Troops in Formations: Your troops have three different formations: line, column and free formation. Assign Battle Stances: There are four different stances for your warriors, ships or for a stationary wpon: aggressive, defensive, hold the ground and passive. The units will have a defensive stance by default.Recover Enemy Wpons and Vehicles To Equip Your Troops: If you collect wpons from units vanquished on the battlefield, you can then equip your units with these collected wpons. The wpons must be resrched beforehand. You can also take over enemy wpons and vehicles.Lay Siege to Grt Cities: You can also produce different siege wpons and vehicles depending on the race, such as Siege Towers, and war animals. Heroes
Fight with Your Own Heroes: These are special characters that are recognisable by their golden glow. They are both better equipped and have more hit points than normal warriors. In certain scenarios it is important to keep these units alive in order to complete the objective successfully. Ships
Crte Your Own Navy: You need a Dock to build a ship, except for Persians, who can build ships directly on the bch. There are three different types: a light but fast battleship, a spacious barge, and a hvy battleship. Epic Naval Combat: You can embark warriors on ships, but the of passengers depends on the type of the ship. If you embark certain warriors such as Archers this may be beneficial as they can attack the enemy from fairly long distances. Another way to take out enemy ships is to deploy long-range wpons, or just ram it and sink it, but your ship will also suffer damage this way.Board And Capture Enemy Vessels: You can board an enemy ship after combat, and if you have done away with enemy crew on board, you can take the ship into your own fleet.FREE FULL VERSION PC GAMES PARTS SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS

* Vista
* Pentium4 2.4GHz or equivalent
* 512Mb System RAM
* GeForce 6600GT / ATI Radeon X800Pro or better with 128Mb Ram graphics card
* Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
* 4x -ROM drive
* 4 GB hard drive free space
* board
* Mouse


* Pentium Pentium4 3.0 GHz or equivalent
* 2048 MB System RAM
* GeForce 7900GTX / ATI Radeon X1900XT with 256 MB RAM or higher graphics card
* This information is based on specifiions supplied by manufacturers and should be used for guidance only.


MU or 7zip is j@ck or

1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip
2. mount iso in daemon tools, alcohol 120 or poweriso
3. install the game
4. play and enjoy


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