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Battle Rlms follows the basic formula for many rl-time strategy games. All of its factions have similar buildings with similar uses and workers. However, unlike in most rl-time strategy games, the psant worker unit is not just used for resource gathering and construction, but also for training into military units. Thus, military buildings in Battle Rlms are not used for making units, but for transforming and upgrading them. Psants gather the two resources in the game: rice and water. They also round up horses, which can be used to enhance military units in the game and can be outfitted as pack horses for psants. Only one type of builder unit is required.
Psants are the only units the player can produce outright. Most of the buildings available are training structures where psants are trained into a plethora of other units. All the factions start off with 3 basic central training structures, which produce units along different paths of warfare, such as melee or ranged combat. In most cases, units can be trained at up to 3 structures to produce higher tiers of infantry.
Another difference in unit eration is that psants are produced automatically, at no cost. However, the rate at which new psants are produced is inversely proportional to the current population of the player's army.
Certain buildings can tch special techniques, or Battle Grs (commonly abbreviated to BGs), to units to improve their combat ability for a certain resource cost. This can allow units to deft higher tier units they would normally struggle with or be defted by. BGs also allow the player to further define the role a unit will play in a combat situation, such as damage absorption, building destruction, or reconnaissance.
One of the elements of Battle Rlms is the Yin/Yang system. ch army obtains points of Yin or Yang when in combat, depending on their moral alliance to the forces of light or darkness. The Battle Rlms hero units, or Zen Masters, require Yin/Yang to be summoned and to improve their damage. Yin and Yang are also used at structures in the faction's base for military upgrades. The rate of Yin/Yang growth depends on the military strength and flair of the army and how far they are from the main base.
There are four available clans in Battle Rlms, and ch have a different philosophy towards life and combat. The Dragon clan favours honourable and valourous combat, while its offshoot, the Serpent clan, uses stlth, trickery and brutality to further its goals. The Lotus clan is an ancient group of sorcerers that delves deeply into the corrupting aspects of magic. The Wolf clan is a race of formerly enslaved miners. Their clan members live basic, hlthy lives.
Game details
Unlike in most strategy games, all units in Battle Rlms have a melee attack. However, missile units typically have drastically wker melee attacks. Units are very detailed and have distinct fighting animations. Units can dodge projectiles if they run fast enough, and projectiles have different speeds and fire at certain angles.
A unit's attack has a property - either cutting, piercing, blunt, explosive, magic, or fire, as well as a bonus damage against buildings. The property of a unit's missile attack may also differ from its melee attack. Most units have resistances to particular properties, and wknesses to others. For example, the Dragon Samurai has excellent resistance against cutting attacks, but a poor resistance to explosive damage.
In singleplayer, the plot mainly revolves around Kenji, last heir to the Serpent's Throne. When he returns from exile, Kenji comes across bandits raiding a psant village. He can choose to either kill the bandits and save the psants, or, he can side with the bandits and kill the psants. If he chooses to save the psants, he will follow the path of the Dragon clan. If he aids the bandits, he will follow the path of the Serpent clan.
In Kenji's Journey, the player may choose which territories he or she wishes to attack first. Taking specific territories might give benefits, and other Zen Masters may join Kenji. Later on, the player can summon these Zen Masters from the Keep.
In the Battle Rlms expansion Winter of the Wolf, the player follows the story of Grayback, a wolf miner who started a rebellion to free his fellow wolf clansmen from the clutches of the Lotus and Serpent. In the process, Grayback must deft the sorceress Yvaine to stop the snow blizzard from killing his clansmen.
Celeron or equivalent 400MHz
DirectX 8 compliant 16MB VRAM 3D AGP accelerated card
DirectX 8 compliant sound card
DirectX 8 or higher
4X -ROM drive
600MB hard drive space
board and mouse
Pentium III 750MHz or equivalent
DirectX 8 compliant 32MB VRAM 3D AGP accelerated card

MU or 7zip is j@ck or

1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip2. mount iso in daemon tools, alcohol 120 or poweriso3. install the game4. play and enjoy
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