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Like Battlefield: Bad Company, 1943 ftures the Frostbite Engine for its environmental damage. The game only ftures the series' signature Conquest mode when relsed.
Similar to Battlefield Heroes, 1943 ftures only three classes:
* Infantryman - armed with a Type 100 submachine gun (IJN) or Thompson submachine gun (USMC), and equipped with a recoilless rifle, handheld grenades, and a wrench used both for melee and for repairing vehicles.* Rifleman - armed with a Type 5 (IJN) or an M1 Garand (USMC), and equipped with rifle grenades, handheld grenades, and a bayonet.* Scout -armed with a Kar98k (IJN) or a Springfield (USMC), a Nambu pistol (IJN) or a Colt M1911 (USMC) , a Katana sword (IJN) or Ka-Bar combat knife(USMC), and also remote explosives .
ch class has an unlimited supply of spare ammunition, however explosive ordnance takes a few extra seconds to load. The game also ftures a reerating hlth system similar to the later games in the Call of Duty series or the Halo series.
There are four types of vehicles in the game. ch tm's base has two one-man fighter aircraft with Zeros for the Imperial Army and F4U Corsair for the USMC. ch tm can capture a further base in the classic Maps which hold another airplane. ch airplane has a machine gun that can shoot down other airplanes or strafe ground troops; they also can drop bombs. Tanks can accommodate two people: a driver who can use a tank round and a coaxial machine gun, and a passenger who can use a machine gun. The tanks are the medium-size M4 Sherman and Type 97 Chi-Ha. The USMC's jeep and the IJN's Type 95 recon car are fast ground vehicles equipped with a machine gun and support up to three players. Landing craft, equipped with machine guns, can transport up to six people across water.
Players can also call in air raids, which calls in three aircraft that can be used to bomb an ar of a map. Its main aim is to destroy enemy vehicles and kill infantry. It gives a grt advantage to the player controlling the air raid as they can see every player on the map including the enemy and therefore correspond to their tm mates where the enemy is. Despite an obvious benefit, these three planes can be shot down by the fighter aircraft and anti-air guns, thus reducing the amount of bombs that the air raid will drop. The AA Guns can also be used to destroy enemy fighter aircraft as well.
The differences in the wpons between tms are purely aesthetic, ch wpon of the same type (such as the rifleman's M1 and Type 5 semi-automatic rifles), causes the same amount of damage, has the same range, magazine capacity and reload type as its enemies' counterpart. This similarity includes the vehicles and the fighter airplanes. The IJN Zeros have four machine guns: two mounted on the wing and two behind the propeller, while the USMC corsairs have all four machine guns mounted on the wings (two on ch wing).

Minimum System RequirementsOS:Processor:Memory:Hard Drive: Memory:Sound Card:DirectX:board and Mouse/ Rom Drive
Recommended System RequirementsOS:Processor:Memory:Hard Drive: Memory:Sound Card:DirectX:board and Mouse/ Rom Drive

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