Monday, May 16, 2016


An essential sport franchise, Pro Cycling Manager is back in a more polished than ever form to plse fans of the popular series. This new edition, developed by the French studio Cyanide, promises to be the most exciting of all. It will include the most famous Tour de France 2009 faithfully reproduced in detail and for the first time the Spanish Tour (La Vuelta) which has become an official competition in the game.
Pro Cycling Manager – Tour de France 2009 is the perfect mix between management and sport simulation. It puts you in the shoes of the eral manager of one of the 65 official cycling tms and asks you to handle everyday aspects of this position. Choice of the tms, transfers, trainings, finances, gr or srches for new talent, many various missions are required to position the most competitive tm on the starting line. During the 180 races playable in rl time 3D, you intervene directly to guide your cyclists. It's up to you to define the best strategies and tactics to win the race.
The management aspect of Pro Cycling Manager and its famous carrier mode offer many novelties and improvements for a richer game experience. eral Managers can now freely crte their own tm, choose their secondary sponsors as well as identify and target new recruits thanks to an inious point system. They will also benefit from novelties like never-before-seen, customizable objectives, a new way to manage finances and a more rlistic transfer AI… all these elements allow the game to be deeper and richer than any other. The race is also packed with innovations. It has a new and more ergonomic game interface, and an improved AI to allow more rlistic-than-ever behaviors from the cyclists. An amazing effort has been put into the legs' screenplay and rendering. The result has never been so butiful and immersive. Water, vegetation, spectators, animations are some of the elements that have been reworked with a concern for rlism in order to offer nicer and more butiful stages to the players.
Last yr's acclaimed track cycling mode is back: it includes 4 new explosive events that are discoverable in the game's new velodromes. Scratch race, flying 200m time trial, points race and omnium join last yr's time trial, keirin and elimination to bring hours of intense gameplay.
Pro Cycling Manager is a series of cycling management and rl-time simulation games crted by Cyanide. The game was first launched in 2001 as Cycling Manager, but the series took on the Pro label in June 2005. A new version is relsed every yr to coincide with the Tour de France. The game is offered in a variety of languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, ..) although the actual language configuration depends on the local publisher. Pro Cycling Manager runs on the PC. The game is produced in cooperation with most of the main professional cycling tms under the aegis of the IPCT and the AIGCP. In September 2007 a PSP version of the game was relsed. Called Pro Cycling, it is engineered to take advantage of PSP gameplay and it offers a limited management mode.
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1. Extract iso with winrar or 7-zip2. mount iso in daemon tools, alcohol 120 or poweriso3. install the game4. play and enjoy
Minimum System Requirements
* Processor: 2.2GHZ* Memory: 1GB Ram* Graphics: Graphics card 128 MB 100% DIRECTX 9 compatible and shaders 2.0 support (NVIDIA GEFORCEFX 5900/ATI RADEON 9600/ GMA X3100 or above)** DirectX Version: DIRECTX 9* Sound: DIRECTX 9 compatible Sound Card* Hard Drive: 6GB

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